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As a haulage operator, cutting your transport-related costs can make a huge difference to your bottom line. And when every penny of profit counts, running the most efficient fleet possible is vital. OPCOM offers you a number of measurable benefits, including:

  • Lower fuel bills
  • Lower emissions and environmental impact
  • Higher driver retention
  • “O” Licence compliance
  • Work Related Road Safety compliance

 And it works!  One OPCOM client, with 150 vehicle fleet, recently reported these figures:

  • Damage costs dropped from £215,000 to £67,000 – putting £148,000 back on their bottom line.
  • Vehicle accidents dropped from 158 to just 46 per year.
  • Driver turnover fell from 35% to 18% per year.

What would it mean to your business to halve your driver turnover?  Or to reduce accident damage costs by 69%?

Contact us today to take advantage of our Work Related Road Safety Audit.  Together we'll investigate and identify specific areas where your road safety and driver management systems can be improved to deliver you significant cost savings!

What is OPCOM?

OPCOM (Operators Compliance System for Transport) is a complete business system for managers.  It focuses on creating a management culture that’s programmed to deliver greater profits, through driver education, policy development and management controls.

Where driver training often has only a temporary effect on performance, OPCOM provides an entire management structure, giving you the power to make lasting changes.

The benefits of the programme are far reaching.  OPCOM offers you:

  • Specific and targeted actions to improve efficiency and profitability
  • A structured way to implement change and monitor the results 
  • Techniques and methods to deliver continuous improvement
  • A process of cultural change so benefits become truly embedded

In just a few minutes each week, you can get your drivers working “the OPCOM way” – making you more profit.

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OPCOM has been carefully designed to be compliant with all legislative requirements, including Work Related Road Safety, Driving at Work, Health & Safety in Road Haulage and the “O” Licence.

In addition, if you deliver freight in London gaining OPCOM status can now count towards your FORS compliance.

How does OPCOM Work?

OPCOM delivers lasting benefits by changing the way both management and drivers view their responsibilities; and by demonstrating the dramatic effects that a series of small changes in both management and driving behaviour can deliver.

The OPCOM action plan revolves round talking and supervising your drivers in two main activity areas:

  • The Insurance Claims Prevention Group
  • The Drive for Profit Group – saving ££££££s on diesel

Through a nationwide network of Risk Advisors, OPCOM helps you to improve your drivers’ performance in these key areas of safety and efficiency.

OPCOM is a fully formed management tool that can save you years of trial-and-error development, and greatly improve the performance, behaviour and safety of your drivers and those around them.

For an informal chat about the benefits OPCOM can bring to your organisation, call us today on 0113 426 0191, or contact us here.

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