Defensive Driver Training Day

This advanced driver training to date has been held at Donington Race Track.  It is tailor made to suit your company requirements.

From past experience it has been felt to provide an Advanced Defensive Driver Training day to maximise the time and learning experience of the Driver in not only the various driving techniques but also understanding the capabilities and limits of the car they are driving, the key elements to the training would be

  • Skid Pan Training
  • 4x4
  • ERT and
  • Advanced techniques


The skid car is a proven way for your drivers to practice their steering and control techniques as they learn understeer and oversteer at slower speeds, perfecting their use and understanding, before having to apply it to a “real life” situation.

Drivers also learn, in this part of the training, about threshold braking that the 60 mph to 0 mph time is just as important as the accelerating from 0 mph to 60 mph.


Drivers are instructed in 4x4 vehicles on how to use the technical ability of the vehicle to manoeuvre, to drive up-hill, down dale, across seemingly impossible side slopes, through woodland and mud on Donington Park’s purpose built Off Road course, all under the watchful eye of one of the experienced and personable instructors.

Should you wish there is the opportunity to hold a team building competition - Who will be the 4x4 driver of the day?


What is ERT Training? Drivers don’t often ask the question, “What’s the 60 mph to 0 mph on this car?” As this is probably not very exciting or thought necessary to know; that’s until you need it one day when you experience that ‘all of sudden moment!’ Stopping however, is only half of the problem, what if you need to evade something at the same time as hitting those brakes? This training provides the opportunity for your drivers to find out and then learn, all in perfect safety the driving techniques needed to do this.

A wide range of modern driving aids like ABS, TCS, EBD, etc. are also covered in this part of the days training.


This session covers both Vehicle Dynamics as well as Parking and Manoeuvring.

Vehicle Dynamics involves using a standard road vehicle while putting it to the vehicles limitations of the manufacturer’s standard safety & design limitations.

In a controlled environment your Drivers, with guidance from the suitably qualified Instructor will explore limitations of grip, tyres, braking and steering according to the weather and surface conditions on the day.

Most modern day cars have intricate electronic safety devices to aid the Driver but all these systems have a ‘breaking point’ when the law of physics simply take over, this exercise will demonstrate this to the drivers and enable them to appreciate the limits and consequently drive well within these limits in their daily driving style.

During the other part of this session Drivers also cover confined space manoeuvring and parking techniques.  One of the main 5 types of collisions occurs whilst manoeuvring and reversing. This is a valuable part of the training, for as Drivers, we know we use this particular skill every day we drive.

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