Driving Sense Workshops

This half day workshop is about driving attitudes, behaviour and competence in advanced driving techniques.

All work materials are provided, it is interactive and encourages drivers to

  • Think about driving as a separate work action 
  • Engage in a process of self analysis on their own driving
  • Take away action points on how they are going to improve to become an advanced, safer and more economic driver 

Up to 16 Drivers at one workshop, based at your offices or a local facility.

Christopher Smith of Fleet News attended one of our workshops - here are a few of the tweets he sent out whilst attending the workshop at Sandvik in Halesowen on 8 October 2013

"Drivers feel enclosed in a vehicle - but more cut off from street scene and world around. "

"Drivers feel faster is quicker but we get to a queue quicker! Then queue longer!"

"Variable speed limits stop us rushing to the back of the queue" 

To see all Christopher's tweets on the workshop https://twitter.com/_FleetNews.  There will also be a full report which we will post when it is written.

For further information or to dicuss your specific Advanced Driver Training requirements please call us on   0113 436 0191 or email enquiries@roadskills.biz

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