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It’s a sad fact that in this day and age, traffic accidents and collisions often lead to far more aggravation and hassle than the obvious cost of any damage caused to vehicles.

Conflicting views of what occurred and how it happened, exaggerated injury claims, insurance company disputes and possibly even court appearances.

As a fleet operator, these are all major hassles that not only cost you money in lost profits, but also cause you manpower headaches and administration hassle.

Happily, there is a cost effective way to protect your business, your profits, your drivers and your insurance premiums.

SmartWitness, provided by Road Skills, is a high tech CCTV and vehicle safety system that allows you to record the road (and anything that happens on it) from your driver’s perspective. 

The benefits

There are virtually too many benefits of this system to detail, so here are the main benefits to you and your drivers: 

  • Prove your driver’s innocence & see what really happened                  
  • Detect training needs/unsafe driving
  • Defend against driving offence allegations                                       
  • Reduce vehicle wear & tear through better driving
  • Log vehicle journey history
  • Improve fuel economy when combined with driver training        
  • Detailed driver reporting
  • Ultimate proof in the case of legal proceeding

What’s more, having SmartWitness installed in all your vehicles means you can utilise the video footage as great training material to support your OPCOM programme and collision prevention strategy.

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Let SmartWitness save the pain of manpower headaches and administration hassle on your collisions, prove your innocence and

Protect your business with SmartWitness from Road Skills

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