Road Deaths on the Increase for the First Time Since 2003

The recently published road casualty figures revealed that the total number of road users killed in 2011 was 1,901, which is 3% more than in 2010 and the first increase in road deaths since 2003

A further 23,122 people were seriously injured - an increase of 2% on 2010.

Goods Vehicle Occupants

There were 5,914 reported casualties for goods vehicle occupants in 2011, down 158 (3%) on 2010.  Of these, 62 goods vehicle occupants were killed, of which 28 were HGV occupants. 

This figure shows that no improvements have been achieved in this aspect of the safety of goods vehicles. 

However, the number of goods vehicle occupants seriously injured has fallen, from a figure of 509 in 2010 to 473 in 2011, a reduction of 7%.

Where are the deaths occurring?

  • Motorways = 106  (5.5% of the total number of deaths)
  • Built-up roads = 816  (43% of the total number of deaths)
  • Non built-up roads = 979  (51.5% of the total number of deaths)

The question is…

Whilst this year the figures show an overall increase, they are always a cause of concern and should lead us seek and answer to one very important question:

“Why do we have such levels of death and injury on our roads, given that every one of us passed a DSA test of competency to obtain our driving licence?”

The solution?

The answer has to lie in the requirement for more targeted and hard-hitting management, supervision and education, to help you and your drivers improve their behaviour and performance, to reduce collisions, costs and coporate liability exposure.

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