DRIVER CPC                                                                             

Drivers who acquired their vocational licence before the introduction of Driver CPC have five years from its introduction to complete the required 35 hours. This means the deadline for …

  • Bus and Coach drivers is September 2013, for
  • Lorry drivers is September 2014. 

So, at Road Skills we offer you …

1st class Driver CPC Courses directly related to getting your drivers to help Release the Hidden Profits in your fleet.  Transform your drivers’ performance, improve Profit and Safety and increase driver retention.

We provide a comprehensive range of Driver CPC training.  That aims to improve your Profit in your business

Modular Courses 3.5 Hours Duration

  • Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving
  • Speed Management
  • Collision Awareness
  • Driver Hazard & Risk Perception
  • Slow Speed Manoeuvring
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driving under the influence of Drink/Drugs
  • Regulated Signs and lines/Motorway Signs
  • Manual Handling
  • Passenger Comfort and Safety
  • Rules Governing the Carriage of Passengers
  • Driver Attitude & Behaviour

Full 7 - Hour Courses

  • Defensive & Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques
  • Tachograph Rules and Driver Responsibilities
  • Winter Maintenance
  • Safety for Waste Operations
  • First Aid

2 Day 14 - Hour Course

  • Emergency First Aid at Work 

If you require different subject matter other than the courses listed let us know. The course development  team will be happy to design bespoke courses to meet your requirements. 

All the training can be delivered:

  • At  your  premises  or
  • Using local training centres
  • Through the week or
  • At weekends                                                               

For more information, call Road Skills Ltd on 0113 436 0191 or contact us here.

Roadskills Recommends Driver First Assist

Driver First Assist is a not for profit organisation comprising drivers (DFAs) who have been trained to provide life saving first aid and manage the scene at a road traffic collision (RTC), prior to the arrival of the emergency services. This is the aim of the DCPC course content.

It is recommended as a course for your drivers who might need a final module of 7 hours to complete their card qualification. If just one driver attended it would bring some expertise into the company/depot about the criticial injury and treatment consequences of vehicle collisions.

Your driver would have an idea about the situation complexities when a collision happened too.

For more details and course list please visit:

Both parts of the course would raise awareness of why it is so important to avoid collisions. 


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