Never want to be called to a Public Inquiry?

Every haulage operator undertakes to have Proper Arrangements, to meet a host of Undertakings to the Traffic Commissioner. Download the 'O' licence undertaking PDF here and the updated November 2011 version here

But how many operators have actually documented their Proper Arrangements in full to meet their Undertakings?

Most operators (including all those of us that are good and decent people) don’t find out if their Proper Arrangements are robust enough until something goes wrong.

And when the worst does happen, it falls to those operators to prove that they have taken:

“…all reasonable steps to manage (the) risks down to as low a level as reasonably possible” (HSE Website)

The OPCOM Risk Management Programme will provide a fully documented set of Proper Arrangements, and an Action Plan to use them.  The aim is to prevent you ever getting anywhere near a Public Enquiry.

If you want to reduce the risk of, or if you have already been called to, a Public Inquiry, call us today on 0113 436 0191, or contact us here.

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