Reduce Insurance Premiums

In the continuing drive to reduce your fleet running costs and increase profitability, insurance premiums can be a real hurdle.

Yet many operators aren’t paying the lowest possible premiums, because they simply can’t demonstrate to their insurers that they run a “low risk” operation.

If you could reduce your insurance premiums by nearly 50% compared with the industry average per truck, what would that do for your competitive edge … and your profits?!

Road Skills can help you demonstrate your commitment to road safety, providing you with:

  • A high level of due diligence activity and evidence
  • Cultural change – making long-term safety improvements easier to achieve
  • Influence over behaviour – attacking your issues at the very root
  • A Management Tool: ready to use – saves years of development
  • Action, Health Checks, Reports

We’ve helped haulage firms the length and breadth of Britain reduce their insurance premiums by demonstrating the measures they take to continually improve their safety record.

And we can help you do the same.  Additionally, our solutions are:

  • Comprehensive – wide industry research and development
  • An Industry Standard – minimum standards, Good Practice, Best Practice
  • Pro-Active rather than Re-Active
  • Preventative
  • ‘O’ Licence compliant
  • Health & Safety in Road Haulage compliant
  • Driving at Work compliant
  • Work Related Road Safety compliant

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