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About Road Skills: Our Approach

Road Skills Ltd, one of the UK’s leading transport industry management consultants specialising in occupational road safety, was created by Managing Director David Somers to fill a clear gap in the market. 

The objectives of Road Skills are to:

  • Help our clients maximise profits by eliminating avoidable costs related to vehicle risk and fuel efficiency
  • Provide a straightforward management system that helps our clients work with their drivers to achieve these savings and keep them safe and legal
  • Enhance occupational road safety
  • Promote a management culture in every client that allows “best practice” to come from the very top.

By focusing on these core areas, our clients see a direct impact on their bottom line profits; and also on their safety record and environmental impact.

Road Skills offer expertise across a range of key areas, including:

  • Director and Company liability in relation to serious vehicle related incidents
  • Company liability in relation to ‘O’ Licence compliance for the Proper Arrangements’ given in the Undertaking
  • Controlling cost of damage and Vehicle Insurance Premiums
  • Contributing to the Competitive Advantage within the industry

Road Skills works in close collaboration with trade associations, insurers, governing agencies and leading operators to ensure that the advice, guidance and leadership they provide continues to be at the industry’s forefront.

To find out how Road Skills can help your organisation, call us today on 0113 267 0881, or contact us here.

When applying to increase the number of vehicles on our “O” Licence, the application was granted without any difficulty.  This was because we were able to prove that good procedures were in place to easily allow the management to manage the increased number of vehicles.  This was directly attributable to OPCOM

Paul Kirkup, F & R Cawley

 “The cost benefits of utilising OPCOM are considerable for both the Company and drivers alike, staff turnover has been reduced, vehicle MPG has increased and the company has been successful in negotiating reduced insurance premiums

Mike Devereux, Devereux Developments Ltd

We see OPCOM as the missing piece of the jigsaw, being set out by hauliers for hauliers. The system is flexible enough to cater for every company, and the modules are set out to be achievable during the normal day-to-day running.

One major plus point is that the advisors are all from the industry and can talk not only from first hand experience but also experiences from our colleagues within the industry

Bill Owen, Nijman/Zeetank

To find out how Road Skills can help your organisation, call us today on  0113 436 0191, or contact us here.

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