Online training that puts you in charge

As the name suggests, this training programme is delivered entirely online.

It’s all about hazard perception, and is a done-for-you course that only uses realistic real-life footage - there are no cartoons or gimmicks to annoy or distract.

The course is managed with pulse training and your drivers get reminder emails every two weeks or monthly to ensure they stay on track.

The software gives each driver their own risk rating and reports can be run on their progress whenever required. Once they have completed the course, they receive an online certificate — and you receive notification that their training is complete.

While they’re enrolled on the course you can check  their progress through our user-friendly admin suite. You can, for example, focus on high risk drivers and help them raise their driving standards by supplementing their online training with more traditional courses, so further reducing your risk.

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"We have had drivers tell us of life-saving situations which have been as a result of the training they have received from the Road Skills team. The belief and passion of the Road Skills team is infectious, and their knowledge — all based on proven and tested workshops and courses — fits with the Sandvik ethos of care for its employees, while also meeting our driving at work policies. We have worked with the Road Skills team since 2008 and they always deliver a complete and comprehensive structured driver training programme."John Carter, Fleet Manager, Sandvik

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