FORS Gold – Your ultimate FORS goal

To meet the requirements within Gold you will be expected to build on your Silver submission and promote the FORS standard.

To achieve FORS Gold you will prepare a case study to demonstrate and communicate the benefits of being FORS Accredited. This case study shows your progression from registration through to Gold, demonstrating the steps you have taken to raise standards right across your operation.

We can help you take the right steps to ensure you achieve or maintain your FORS Gold Accreditation.

The uplift from Version 4.0 to Version 5.0 is again complex providing many companies with additional challenges to meet the FORS Gold requirements.

Call us on 0113 426 0191 and together we can explore how you can best achieve the FORS Gold standard.

Your Professional Development Plan Training

Hundreds of companies, similar to your own, and thousands of drivers have passed their FORS audit with the Road Skills FORS PASS system.

This content has now been put Online to save you time and give your drivers and fleet staff consistent content that’s trackable with instant access to their Professional Development Plan e-learning, mapped to the whole of the FORS Standard and will help you meet G6.

This is what just two of the clients who tested the system prior to the launch had to say …

“I liked the look and feel of the Admin dashboard it was very easy to see how the training was progressing. The training is delivered in an easy to understand step by step process. This training solution is a great way to deliver our continued professional development plan training.” Chris Wells, Director of Mtec Warehousing Ltd
“I have logged on and started the training myself. I’m impressed and think the learning points and the 5 questions are just right, so well done to your team. This training will certainly help me time wise.”Graham Wood, Operations Manager at C Soar & Sons Ltd

Both companies are now using this online system to deliver their Professional Development Plan Training to their drivers and staff involved in maintaining their FORS Accreditation.

Your Professional Development Plan for all of your drivers and fleet staff who help you implement the FORS Standard. Done for you, right here!
“The process seemed daunting at first but the assistance and guidance provided by the Road Skills FORS Advisor was fantastic, and gave us the confidence and knowledge to pass the FORS audit with ease.”

“Gaining FORS Bronze has ensured that we can continue to meet our obligations, help improve company procedures and reduce our costs.”Mark Stewart