Telematics — putting you in control of your fleet

If you don’t know where your vehicles are and what your drivers are doing in them, you have no control over many of the activities that lie at the very heart of any fleet-based operation.

That’s why installing fleet management telematics makes such a fundamental difference to how you run your business, because you can track every vehicle using standard GPS, and it need not break the bank.

And that allows you to assess how well it’s being driven by analysing factors such as…

  • Location
  • Acceleration, braking, and cornering
  • Idling time.

Road Skills have partnered with FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS to bring you the ultimate fleet management telematics package which allows you to stay on top of every aspect of your on-the-road operations.

You can benchmark performances and identify the training needed to help your drivers create the right brand impression when they’re out on the road, and our telematics also allow you to manage fuel efficiency — all key to FORS accreditation.

The packages include:

The Road Skills solution also means your vehicles can be easily tracked and recovered if they’re stolen. Delivered by FLEETLOC8 from FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS.

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Running a fleet without telematics is like driving with no lights, so why not call Rachel today on 01227 936 936 and let’s explore what a difference our package could make to your business.