Reduce your risk, reduce your insurance premiums

Most of us believe insurance premiums can only ever go up as a result of the number of insurance claims we have. Insurance premiums are just one of those inevitable business costs that deliver no tangible ROI.

But what if we were to show you how to reduce yours by up to 50% per vehicle compared to the industry standard?

All you need to do is demonstrate to your insurer that you’re running a ‘low risk’ operation — and at Road Skills we’re experts in helping you achieve that enviable status.

We’ll show you how to demonstrate your commitment to road safety, providing you with the tools to achieve all the necessary elements, including…

  • A high level of due diligence activity and evidence
  • Cultural change to make long-term safety improvements easier to achieve
  • Tackling behaviour issues at the very root
  • All the relevant action lists, health checks, and reports.

We’ve already helped haulage firms the length and breadth of the UK reduce their insurance premiums by demonstrating the measures they take day in, day out to continuously improve their safety record. Some of our clients have the lowest premiums in their sector in the UK — but try as we might to get testimonials from them, they do not want to jinx their status by going public on what they have achieved!

We can help you achieve the same.

We can also organise insurance claims reviews, which have saved some of our clients £,000s just by agreeing to this free service so…

Just call us now on 0113 436 0810 and let’s explore how your insurance premium headaches can become no more than a distant memory.