Defensive Driver Training

The ultimate one-stop training day!

Join our expert advanced trainers on a day out at Donington Park and your defensive driving skills will improve by leaps and bounds!

We tailor-make the one-day programme to suit your needs, but the key elements generally include

Your drivers will be separated into groups of three so everyone has the chance to sample each area of expertise and learn by both observation and being put through their paces.

Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments are all included in the Road Skills Defensive Driving Donington package. We usually work with groups of 12 or 24 drivers, but call us to discuss what would be best for you.

Skid pan training

This is the ideal way for your team to perfect their steering and control. They’ll learn how to understeer and oversteer at slower speeds, perfect their technique, and then be put to the test in a ‘real life’ situation — you literally feel like you’re driving on ice!

Extreme 4×4 training

Here the team will go to Donington’s purpose-built off-road course to learn how to use the vehicle’s technical ability to manoeuvre safety on narrow tracks through thick woodland and how to ascend the steepest, muddiest hills.

Many of our clients use this part of the training for team-building: who will be your 4×4 driver of the day?

Emergency reaction training

We rarely ask ourselves the question ‘what’s the 60mph to 0mph in this vehicle?’ It’s much more exciting to focus on 0mph-60mph — until we need to stop in a hurry.

However, stopping is only part of the challenge: you may also need to take evasive action at exactly the same time you’re hitting the brakes. With the ERT part of your day at Donington, your team will learn the techniques they need to do this safely, efficiently and with maximum control.

Driving aids such as ABS, TCS, and EBD are also covered in this section of the day’s training.

Advanced techniques

This is where you’ll get the chance to see what happens when a standard vehicle is pushed to the limits of the manufacturer’s design.

Our highly qualified instructors will explore with your drivers the limitations of grip, tyres, brakes, and steering, working with the weather and surface conditions of the day to bring the training fully to life.

While most cars have complex safety devices they all have a breaking point where the law of physics takes over and your team will learn what happens at this point. Learning how to appreciate a vehicle’s limits improves awareness and our whole approach to daily driving.

We will also look at confined space manoeuvring and parking — a very valuable skill as it’s one we all use every day and many collisions occur when we’re negotiating a tight space at low speed.

We’re very proud of our Defensive Driver Training programme — we’ve had lots of highly positive feedback, in particular from drivers who have told us how they have used fast braking effectively and have been able to put into practice exit plans that have saved lives. These are all skills learnt during the day.

One driver said he used what he had learned to avoid hitting lorry that jack-knifed just in front of him on a dual carriageway. He stopped safely on a verge, saving his own life and those of his wife and children, amazed that the vehicle was also undamaged. He attributed his quick thinking, evasive action, and advanced braking skills to the ERT and vehicle dynamics training he’d taken at Donington.

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“We have had drivers tell us of life-saving situations which have been as a result of the training they have received from the Road Skills team. The belief and passion of the Road Skills team is infectious, and their knowledge — all based on proven and tested workshops and courses — fits with the Sandvik ethos of care for its employees, while also meeting our driving at work policies. We have worked with the Road Skills team since 2008 and they always deliver a complete and comprehensive structured driver training programme.”John Carter, Fleet Manager, Sandvik