FORS Silver – Your next goal for FORS success

Moving to FORS Silver isn’t quite as challenging as gaining your initial Bronze accreditation, but you will need to demonstrate that you’ve consistently maintained your standards and are ready to step up to the next level.

Examples of the areas that come under the spotlight include introducing…

  • A targeted training programme
  • Better working practices
  • More efficient vehicles.

And you will of course also have to pass your Bronze FORS audit every year to maintain Silver status.

But don’t worry — we have a selection of FORS MasterPlan tools to help you get to Silver and stay there.

FORS PASS Silver Manual

We have produced the Road Skills FORS PASS Silver Manual to make the transition as smooth as possible, providing you with all the checklists and guidance you need to show you’ve been continually implementing the FORS Bronze standard and are now at Silver level.

You’ll need to keep records of your operation’s fleet performance that cover…

  • Fuel usage and distances covered
  • CO2 output by distances covered
  • NOx and particulate matter by distances travelled
  • Incidents and collisions
  • Fines and charges.

If any of your vehicles is more than 3.5 tonnes, you’ll also need to equip them with audible warning systems covering left turns, reversing and blind spots. You’ll be asked to produce evidence such as invoices, receipts, and photos.

These are all covered in the FORS PASS Silver Manual but to make the process truly seamless we recommend you use our FORS PASS Online service.

You’ll also need to show your commitment to driver training by recording the courses your team attend and how often they take part. FORS lays out what is needed to meet the Safe Urban Driving and Vulnerable Road User standards, while the Road Skills Bronze FORS PASS Manual includes all the tool box talks you’ll need.

Our FORS-approved and FORS-specific Driver CPC  packages are designed to help you maintain your compliance and record the evidence at every FORS level and beyond. And when you sign up for any of our FORS driver training packages, you will also be meeting CLOCS requirements.

At Silver level, you are required to appoint one person to manage road risk within your business and they must attend a FORS-approved training course. They will then be responsible for managing evidence that covers your policies, procedures, safe working systems, and training records — all of it easily managed when you invest in one of the FORS PASS Silver options.

If you’re already at Bronze and ready for Silver, call us today on 0113 267 0881 and let’s see which of our FORS PASS and other FORS MasterPlan options are right for you.
“We gave Road Skills 10 out of 10 for the service we have had so far. The FORS PASS Manual has everything we need to make sure we will pass.

We now know what we need to do and cannot think of anything they could have done better to get us on the right track. We would definitely recommend others looking to gain FORS Bronze to Book the Road Skills FORS PASS Fastrak Service. It’s the Best!” Steve Lomas