Driving Sense Workshop

The flagship Road Skills training course

The Road Skills Driving Sense Workshop will help your team gain a unique insight into how to improve their technique to become safer, more economic, advanced drivers.

We work with operations of all sizes whose employees drive on company business in a wide range of roles, from managing director to engineer to sales rep. Every driver gains fresh insights into their driving during the workshop and can understand why driving is usually the most dangerous thing they do every day.

At this half-day training – normally held on your own premises – your drivers will learn how to…

  • Think about driving as a separate work action, not just something they ‘do’, and
  • Analyse their own driving
  • Upgrade their skills.

There are many rewards to you as well: having a team who drive at a high standard means…

  • Fewer incidents and near misses
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Improved fuel economy.

And that means you save time, you save money, and — potentially — a lot of hassle and heartache.

Here’s what one driver said after attending: ‘I told my manager that I now understood why I needed to slow down outside the school I’d always driven past at 40mph.

‘I began carefully observing the 20 mph speed limit while inside the school’s zone — and just a week later a young girl ran out in front of me.

‘I stopped safely and the child was unharmed, but I knew I would have killed her had I still been travelling at 40mph.’

This driver’s experience highlights just how valuable this training can be, making it easy for your team to take the learnings, implement them during their working day, and prevent the heartache and other consequences associated with easily-avoided accidents.

Call us today on 0113 426 0191 and let’s find out how we can best help you raise your team’s driving standards.
“We have had drivers tell us of life-saving situations which have been as a result of the training they have received from the Road Skills team. The belief and passion of the Road Skills team is infectious, and their knowledge — all based on proven and tested workshops and courses — fits with the Sandvik ethos of care for its employees, while also meeting our driving at work policies. We have worked with the Road Skills team since 2008 and they always deliver a complete and comprehensive structured driver training programme.”John Carter, Fleet Manager, Sandvik