Helping you make light work of licence checks

How do you stay on top of your driver licence checks? FORS requires Driver Licence Checks to be undertaken regularly.

Road Skills has partnered with FleetCheck, one of the UK’s leading providers of secure DVLA driver licence checking, to help you manage this labour-intensive, time-consuming and tedious yet essential task.

When you make this choice, you’re getting a one-stop, flexible, scalable Cloud-based system that keeps you compliant 24/7 and delivers complete peace of mind. Included in the package is Data Protection Register-authorised access to the DVLA database to ensure everyone at your wheel is licensed and not facing prosecution.

We will immediately alert you to driving compliance issues so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicles, costs, and risks. You also benefit from daily driver reports, which include detailed data on…

  • Licence status
  • Licence detail such as expiry dates, information codes
  • Details of disqualifications, offence dates, conviction dates, and other legal issues
  • Licence and photo card expiry alerts
  • LGV/PCV entitlement and category expiry alerts.

And that’s by no means all — with this system you’re working with a single, live, integrated database that empowers you to process a broad range of information from multiple sources and create focused reports you can use to improve how you run your business.

Our unique real-time traffic light approach gives you an instant snapshot of what you need to do and draws on more than 50 inbuilt alerts, all of which can be optimised to match your specific needs.

Other key features include intelligent fuel management tools that you can link to fuel cards to get a comprehensive picture of how efficient your fleet is, as well as MPG and CO2 analysis.

You can also set up the system to deliver…

  • Automatic allocation of fuel against the vehicle or driver for accurate costing
  • A reliable fuel theft warning system
  • Exception reporting to easily identify problem vehicles and drivers
  • Customisable maintenance and repair processes.

We know that our system, backed by FleetCheck, is the best — that’s why we’ve put the Road Skills name to it.

Call us today on 0113 267 9881 and let’s explore how we can save you time and money.