On-board cameras — your key to reducing risk

Your business and your drivers are at risk every day if you haven’t fitted on-board cameras to your fleet, as even minor collisions can generate huge problems — and can place your operation under enormous pressure.

Driving related incidents cost businesses on the road millions every year in insurance claims, damagers, down-time, and repair bills. Capturing footage of these events in real-time to prove fault or non-fault can save you time, work, and significant costs to your business. Our FLEETCAM solutions enable you to deal with any incident immediately and put you in control of the situation.

As well as a starter pack for £14.95 a month, we can provide customised camera tracking solutions to suit your specific needs as a business. We can discuss what is important to you and build a bespoke service to suit these requirements.

Packages include:

  • FLEETCAM – Combined vehicle cameras and tracking
  • FLEETCAM LIVE – complete camera and telematics package, including live remote camera access
  • FLEETCAM 360° – HGV & Large vehicle multi-camera & tracking solution

Although the service is built around your needs, our prices remain amongst the most competitive available with a free full continued support from our experienced staff to train and assist on an on-going basis.

So isn’t it time to join hundreds of other smart fleet operators and choose FLEETCAM from Road Skills? With our high-tech CCTV vehicle safety system, you should be able to achieve…

  • Instant irrefutable evidence
  • Fast claims resolution
  • Lower renewal premiums
  • Protected reputation
  • Rapid ROI

You can also use the video footage as a valuable training tool — especially during your FORS audit groundwork — to identify training needs and ensure your drivers know the risks and how to avoid them.

Your drivers will also appreciate you ‘covering their backs’, knowing your will be able to defend them with solid evidence should another road user claim one of the team was driving badly.

If you already have on-board cameras installed and are working towards FORS Silver, we can audit your CCTV system and if it is not fit for purpose.

FLEETCAM from FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS is a simple way to enhance their skills, your reputation, and everyone’s peace of mind.

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