UK Familiarisation

The perfect introduction for drivers new to the UK

If you have drivers on your team who are new to the UK, it makes sense to make sure they are fully at home driving on the left and handling the controls from the right hand side of the vehicle.

At this half-day training..

That’s why we created our UK Familiarisation training, delivered one-on-one in the vehicle your driver will be using and specifically tailored to match their experience and your requirements.

Among driving topics covered are hazard awareness, entering and leaving roundabouts, full familiarisation with the Highway Code, and an understanding of the UK road network.

Find out more about our UK Familiarisation training options by calling us on 0113 426 0191.
“We have had drivers tell us of life-saving situations which have been as a result of the training they have received from the Road Skills team. The belief and passion of the Road Skills team is infectious, and their knowledge — all based on proven and tested workshops and courses — fits with the Sandvik ethos of care for its employees, while also meeting our driving at work policies. We have worked with the Road Skills team since 2008 and they always deliver a complete and comprehensive structured driver training programme.”John Carter, Fleet Manager, Sandvik