FORS Bronze – Your starting point for FORS success

FORS covers lorries, vans, buses, coaches, fleet cars, motorcycles and scooters, although HGVs are the main focus.

It’s a voluntary scheme, but a growing number of major companies and organisations make FORS Bronze status a contractual requirement — maybe that’s why you’re here!

To achieve Bronze status, an operator has to be legally compliant and also able to demonstrate that they follow good practice across all areas of their business.

Here’s how we’ll help you get there with the Road Skills FORS Master plan, our one-stop suite designed to make your journey to accreditation as painless as possible.

You simply choose what works best for you and your business…

The Road Skills FORS PASS Manual — every transport manager’s bible

The new FORS Standard Version 4.0 was launched in November 2016 and marks more than a simple upgrade. Compared with the version it replaced, its 36 sections include..

  • 2 new sections, and
  • 9 new policy statements

Operators also need to submit much more evidence and overall there are a lot more hurdles to jump, so we simply rewrote our FORS PASS Manual, configuring it exactly to the new Bronze standard and creating a transport manager’s bible!

Why is it called the FORS PASS Manual? The PASS is short for ‘pre-audit support service’ but as we guarantee success, it’s simply because we guarantee you will pass!

The Road Skills FORS PASS Manual V 4.0 is a standalone product that includes…

  • all policies and procedures
  • all  the guidance you need to create the required evidence
  • all risk assessments
  • all checklists
  • all supporting tool box talks, walk round training, and spot checks.

You’ll have your own hard copy to keep to hand as well as access to a complete digital version. Within your first six months as a FORS PASS customer, we will update the electronic copy for free whenever the FORS team makes changes. After that, you can join other smart operators and sign up for our continuous subscription service, which means you won’t get caught out by future changes.

Want to know more? Call us today on 0113 267 0881 and let’s see how the FORS PASS Manual will work for you.

FORS PASS Plus — when you need a little more support

Our service for operators comfortable with going it alone — just call us in when you’re confident everything is in place to pass your Bronze audit but you want to make absolutely sure.

You’ll get…

  • A half-day pre-Bronze audit with one of our specialist advisors
  • A tailored FORS PASS checklist covering issues that still need to be resolved
  • Our recommendations on how best to tackle those remaining challenges.

Or choose FORS PASS Plus Phone — this is the Road Skills support service for operators who are short on time but have their own team to do the groundwork ahead of their FORS Bronze audit.

As well as your copy of the FORS PASS Manual, you’ll have direct telephone access to our skilled FORS advisors through five 1-2-1 one-hour calls that will ensure you get on track, stay on track and are all set for Bronze success.

Want to know more about FORS PASS Plus and FORS PASS Plus Phone? Just call us on 0113 267 0881.


In a hurry? Absolutely have to get your Bronze status? Then this is the Road Skills FORS PASS package for you that guarantees you’ll pass first time!

With our flagship FORS PASS Fastrak package, we’ll make sure you meet your FORS deadline by giving you…

  • Your own, dedicated FORS PASS advisor who will lead you through the process with full email  support
  • Three half-day visits from your dedicated FORS PASS advisor — two to prepare you for your audit, and the third to tackle any outstanding issues, ensuring you are fully prepared for your FORS audit
  • Your hard and digital copies of our latest FORS PASS Manual.

There is nothing else available anywhere that compares with FORS PASS Fastrak and we are justifiably proud of our 100% pass rate.

Want to know more about this and other other FORS PASS Bronze options? Just call us now on 0113 267 0881 and let’s explore what will work best for you.


Road Skills have partnered with one of the UK’s leading fleet management providers — FleetCheck — to create FORS PASS Online as part of the FORS MasterPlan, a one-stop, flexible, scalable Cloud-based system that keeps you compliant 24/7 and delivers complete peace of mind.

You work with a single, live, integrated database that empowers you to process a broad range of information from multiple sources and create focused reports you can use to stay compliant and improve how you run your business.

Our unique real-time traffic light approach gives you an instant snapshot of what you need to do and draws on more than 50 inbuilt alerts, all of which can be optimised to match your specific needs.

Although FORS PASS Online is invaluable at every stage of your FORS journey, you’ll find it does much, much more than just tick boxes.

Call us on 0113 267 0881 and let’s set up a FORS PASS Online demo for you today.
“We worked with your FORS Advisor. All in all it worked perfectly. The Feedback from the Assessor was good. We passed with Flying Colours as a result of the work we did using the FORS PASS Manual with the FORS Advisor support”

“Having attained our FORS Bronze we will be able to continue to tender for work where FORS Bronze is required as a standard, getting us onto many sites in London”Glen Jones MD of GS Foam Concrete